Recording of everyday financial transactions of your startup business that comprises the aspects such as expenses, income, investment, and revenue, purchase, sales, etc.

Benefits of using Outsource My Accounting (OMA) as a bookkeeping service for your startup:

  • Lower Costs. Hiring an in-house bookkeeper means you are responsible for their salary, paid vacation, other employee benefits, plus the effort it takes to find them in the first place. Additional things you need to provide is visa, office space, perhaps training, equipment and tools necessary to get the job done, plus some degree of management. In general, you should be able to pay a bookkeeping service much less than a full-time employee. When you outsource your bookkeeping to OMA, our team will work as efficiently as possible and as an extension of your team, with little to no oversight required, reducing your costs in numerous ways.
  • Unbiased Opinion. OMA, as your bookkeeping service, will not tell you what you want to hear regarding your financial situation. Our insight into your business and financial situation may be positive or negative, but either way, it is valuable information you may have missed otherwise. Every bookkeeper should act as a financial watchdog over a business, always on the lookout for cost-saving opportunities or financial trends that need attention.
  • Maximize Efficiencies. After we perform an in-depth analysis of your existing books, personnel involved, procedures and systems, we’ll create together a custom-designed solution that will streamline your processes and save you money.
  • Focus on What is Important to You. Using professional bookkeeping services helps you run things smoothly, placing a foundation for making effective decisions and growing your startup business.

These are the basics but very crucial advantages of bookkeeping services that help to enhance your business. See our Accounting services or Virtual CFO services for startups.