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We provide bookkeeping and accounting services to clients in Dubai, UAE and around the world.

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Outsource My Accounting has been founded with one main purpose in mind, to support the goals of your startup company.

Our task, as your startup partner is to turn accounting data into useful information that help you make better business decisions, at a fraction of the cost of employing full-time accountants.

In order to meet and exceed your goals, we take a proactive, big-picture approach that makes us identify and understand your startup organization from all angles and perspectives.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to your industry and is ready to provide expert solutions that work for you. With our founding principles at the forefront, we focus on providing a unique customer experience matched with the expertise and knowledge our clients expect.

It is said that trust is the key to any successful relationship. We consider ourselves to be a trusted advisor, more than your accountant, one who establishes a relationship that sets up and boasts a culture of encouragement, passion, and support.

Our practice gives you the peace of mind to focus on what you really need to – growing your startup.

Read more about the services we offer: Bookkeeping,  Accounting services, and Virtual CFO For Startups.

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Frequently Asked Questions


If you are hiring in-house staff person you must consider several costs: hiring, visa, training, salary, vacation time, health insurance, equipment, and the risk of supervising a function most likely you are not an expert in. Accounting/Bookkeeping is our only business and our staff is supervised by our managers. Our systems and procedures are customized to suit every client in the best possible way.
Outsource My Accounting offers expertize, backed with the latest trends in technology to make outsourcing a reality for small businesses and especially for startups. Accounting function is something that you don’t want but you need if you want success. We like to consider ourselves not just accountants but trusted advisors, who are giving valuable advice acquired from insight into your company’s financial data. If you are not sure your accounting is doing well or not or if you need more insight, try our Back Office Scorecard and identify the current situation in your company.
Some of our clients are able to use our services exclusively and some use part-time only. We are happy to take a certain work from your accountant in order to help you run your business more smoothly.
If your accounts and books aren’t being done correctly, you are not in control of them in the first place. With Outsource My Accounting you can feel comfortable because we can work with you to put controls in place and reduce your stress.
Data protection is the most important aspect of our business. We have implemented very high levels of security to protect the confidentiality of your data. Because we are a remote (online) company, all financial documents are stored on our secure server and we keep very little or no paper at all in our office. Our clients can rest assured that their sensitive financial information is kept under lock and key and completely confidential.
We will assign you a bookkeeper and an account manager as well, so you will have one main and one backup point of contact. Dedicating 2 internal points of contact we are ensuring that you have timely responses to all your emails and possible requests.
Outsource My Accounting offers offsite, an outsourced solution which means we do not work on site, at our clients’ offices. We are happy to meet you in person during the consultation and to accommodate special requests from time to time, but we do not come on a regular basis.
It’s easy, by scanning! You can use your email to send scanned documents to our secure servers or scanning app that would immediately store any scanned documents into a dedicated folder. After that, you can archive or shred your originals. There is also an option for us to work directly with your vendors to arrange online delivery as much as possible.
We are happy to see you are considering our services. If we are going to be future partners it is customary to meet first, right? That’s why we are offering 30 minutes of Free Consultation, where except introduction we also try to understand your initial need and how Outsource My Accounting would be the right solution for some or all your requests. If you already have a request for proposal (RFP) you can upload it whilst submitting free consultation request.